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Hardware product basic knowledge introduction


Hardware products refer to various industrial parts made of steel, non-ferrous metals and other materials, usually used in construction, furniture, machinery, electronics, automobiles and other fields. Hardware products include screws, nuts, hinges, door locks, door and window fittings, self tapping nails, rivets, sofa feet, etc.

Common hardware processing methods include forging, stamping, cutting, casting and welding. In the hardware processing need to pay attention to material selection, size control, surface treatment, quality testing and other links, to ensure the quality and safety of hardware products.

In addition, with the continuous progress of science and technology, modern hardware products have paid more and more attention to the design and application of intelligent, environmental protection and energy saving.

In addition to the common processing methods, hardware products can also be processed by other processes. Electroplating, for example, is a common surface treatment that protects, decorates, and hardens hardware. Heat treatment is another common process that can be used to adjust material properties such as hardness, toughness, strength, etc. In addition, there are spraying, drawing, quenching and other processes.

In the selection and use of hardware products, it is necessary to adjust according to the specific needs and scenarios. For example, hardware products used in furniture mainly consider beauty, stability and durability, while in the field of machinery and automobiles, more attention is paid to the precision, strength and wear resistance of products. Therefore, in the selection and use of hardware products, need to be combined with the specific situation for comprehensive consideration.


Hardware products are indispensable parts in modern industrial production and daily life. Some common hardware products are as follows:

1. Screws: used to connect, fasten or fix a variety of materials, according to the material and use of different types.

2. Door lock: Used for doors and Windows, the main function is to control the opening and closing of doors and Windows and safety.

3. Hinge: The main function is to connect and enable doors and Windows to open and close, and support the weight of doors and Windows.

4. Self-tapping nail: belongs to a class of mechanical hardware, can form thread on the surface of the material itself, is widely used in furniture, construction and other fields.

5. Rivets: Used to join two or more sheets and are usually stronger than screws.

6. Door and window accessories: such as door handles and handles, used to control the opening and closing of doors and Windows.

7. Sofa feet: Used for seat or sofa support, and can adjust the height of the seat.

It should be noted that when using and choosing hardware products, special attention should be paid to the quality and use requirements to avoid unnecessary safety problems. In addition, when dealing with hardware products, we should also pay attention to safety and environmental protection requirements to avoid damage to the environment.
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