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How to unscrew the stainless steel expansion screw if it is rusted?


When our stainless steel screws are rusted and need to be replaced, what do we need to do? The following 5 methods are provided for everyone: shock, knock, burn, weld, punch, etc...

■ shock

For rusty screws, never use a wrench to tighten them hard to prevent the hexagonal corners of the screw from slipping, breaking the screw or damaging the wrench. At this time, the handle of the wrench can be gently vibrated with a hammer, and generally rusted screws can be unscrewed by vibration.

■ knock

It is easy to loosen the nut by striking the rusted stainless steel nut with the edge of a square hammer. For example, the nuts of the fixing bolts at both ends of the pedals of the bicycle can be knocked on the nuts according to the thickness of the pedals and the metal structure. The nut at the cast iron part can be slightly stronger, and the plastic part should be tapped lightly. If it still doesn't work, you can easily remove the nut by tapping the nut in a circular motion with a hammer.

■ burn

Some screw embroidery is very serious, and the above method still does not work, you can use "fire attack". Fully roast the screws and nuts with a gas welding oxidizing flame, and then drip a little oil on the red-hot screws. The purpose of heating the screw is to cause the screw to expand when heated. The purpose of dripping oil is to make the screw shrink rapidly when it is cold, to increase the gap between the screw rod and the stainless steel nut, and the nut can be unscrewed after the oil flows into it. However, use this method with caution if there are plastic devices nearby.

■ welding

When disassembling components, it is not uncommon for screws to be broken. For screws with broken tops, electric drills are generally not used, because the holes will be damaged if you are not careful. A better way is to weld a long piece of iron on the broken wire with electric welding. The section of the iron block is determined by the diameter of the stainless steel screw.

■ rush

The top of the stainless steel screw of some devices is corroded and out of shape, which cannot be removed with a wrench or wire cutters, and the impact method can be used. First, use a hammer and a flat screwdriver to hit a V-shaped groove vertically on the top of the screw. Then, adjust the angle of the punch cone, and impact along the direction in which the screw is unscrewed. After loosening, use wire cutters to unscrew the screw. When the "one" or "ten" screw is slippery, this method can also be used to unscrew the screw with wire cutters.
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