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The status quo of Chinese hardware in the world


With the acceleration of China's integration into the global economic environment and the rapid rise of economic power, China has become the most dynamic economic region in the world. With relatively perfect economic facilities, mature industrial development and low labor cost, China has the comparative advantage of becoming a global hardware manufacturing center, and the hardware manufacturing industry has obvious export-oriented development characteristics.

The strengthening of the central position is firstly reflected in the export growth of hardware products in recent years: the export growth rate of main hardware products is higher than the growth rate of output, even higher than the growth rate of domestic market sales; The main hardware and electrical products are in full bloom. Not only the traditional export categories such as power tools, hand tools and building hardware products have a high growth rate, but also the previous export proportion of kitchen electricity products and bathroom products in 2004 export growth is also very obvious. The huge market and the gravity of the central position will further attract the hardware multinational company's manufacturing center to China.