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Two forming processes of spring


(1) Cold forming process of spring

1) One time automation ability of cold forming process. At present, the cold forming machine has developed to 12 claws. The steel wire within the range of (0.3 ~ 14) mm is basically formed at one time by the 8-jaw forming machine. Current development direction of forming process equipment:

To improve the forming speed, the main development trend is to improve the forming speed of equipment, that is,spring production efficiency;

Improve the durability of equipment by improving the precision of equipment parts and strengthening the effect of heat treatment;

Add length sensor and laser rangefinder to automatically control the manufacturing process of CNC forming machine.

2) Cold forming process scope and capability. At present, the maximum specification of large wire diameter spring coiler can reach 20mm, 2000mPa and the winding ratio is 5. The cold forming process of reducing or equal diameter minic block spring and eccentric spring still has limitations.

(2) Hot forming process of spring

1) Hot forming process speed capability. At present, there are only CNC2 shaft hot coil spring machines in China for forming on (9 ~ 25) mm specification, with a maximum speed of 17 pieces per minute. Compared with developed countries, there is a big gap.

2) Large spring hot forming process control ability. Because there is only CNC2 axis hot spring coiling machine, there are less three directions of shape control and poor accuracy; Moreover, there is no automatic bar rotation control and adjustment mechanism, so the forming process level and ability of hot coil spring are low. Therefore, the precision level and surface oxidation decarburization level of the spring are also low.