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Inspection method for appearance defects of stamping parts


1. Touch test method
Clean the surface of the outer covering with clean gauze. Inspectors need to wear touching gloves and touch the surface of the parts vertically and close to the surface of the parts to sense the small bump on the surface of the parts. This inspection method depends on the inspector's experience. If the feel defect is not clear, the suspicious area should be polished with oil stone and verified. The touch method is an effective and quick inspection method for the appearance quality inspection of the outer covering parts.
2. Oil stone grinding method
Clean the surface of the outer covering with clean gauze, sanding with a fine stone 240#(20x13x100mm or larger) arc and hard-to-reach areas with a relatively small stone (e.g. 8x100mm semi-circular stone) The choice of the size of the stone depends on the surface condition (e.g., roughness, Galvanized, etc.) It is recommended to choose 240# fine-grained whetstone grinding direction is basically along the longitudinal, and well fit the surface of the parts, some special places can also supplement the horizontal grinding.
3. Grinding method of flexible yarn net
Wipe the surface of the outer covering piece with clean gauze, grind the surface of the part with flexible gauze close to the surface along the longitudinal to the whole surface, any pitting, indentation will be easily found. (It is not recommended to use this method to test defects such as mountain subsidence and wave)
4. Light oiling test method
Wipe the surface of the outer covering piece clean with clean gauze, apply oil evenly along the same direction with a clean brush to the entire surface of the part. Put the oiled part on the Highlight rotating platform for inspection, or stand the part on the body position. Using this method, it is easy to find the tiny pitting and indentation of the part.

5. Visual inspection

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