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What does mechanical hardware include?How to maintain hardware products?


There are a lot of things in the hardware industry, large and small can not count, so there will be classification, mechanical hardware is one of them, many people for its kind may not understand, there are some questions, what mechanical hardware includes? The following nine is hardware network to explain to you, in addition to hardware products how to maintain the problem to share with you, come and see.

What does mechanical hardware include?
Hardware is widely used in the home, such as: pliers (preferably a pointed mouth and a flat mouth), screwdriver (cross and flat), electric pen, electric tape, etc., these are household hardware.

Machinery and can be divided into chemical machinery, oil machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, medical machinery, environmental protection machinery, agricultural machinery, woodworking machinery, logistics, machinery, building materials machinery, engineering machinery, paper machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, grain and oil processing machinery, metal processing machinery, sewing | clothing machinery, grinding machinery, operating machinery, lifting machinery.

Mechanical hardware refers to: refers to gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, generally refers to metal. Mechanical parts class (1) gear (2) machine tool accessories (3) spring (4) seals (5) separation equipment (6) welding materials (7) Fasteners, connectors (8) bearings (9) transmission chain (10) furnace head (11) chain lock (12) sprocket (13) casters, universal wheel (14) chemical pipes and accessories (15) Pulley (16) Roller (17) pipe clip (18) Table (19) Steel ball, ball (20) steel wire rope (21) bucket teeth (22) tackle (23) hook, grab hook (24) through (25) roller (26) conveyor belt (27) nozzle, nozzle connector

How to maintain hardware products?
With the improvement of people's living standard, many people at home have bought such as color TV, computer,kitchen utensils and other hardware products,such as kitchen utensils are very easy to rust, about how to maintain?

1, when people before cleaning must pay attention to not use dry cloth to vigorously wipe, but should first use cleaning skills is to absorb all the moisture on the metal surface, so as to avoid the moisture volatilization will form scale on the metal surface
2, if the paint on the hardware is not the best paint off, if scratched off the need to paint in time to avoid rust damage.
3, for some products or metal utensils, it is best not to use detergent to clean, but it is best to use wet sponge and soft skin dry, so as to effectively ensure that the metal products in the process of use still maintain the effect of brilliance.