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What are the toilet seat accessories?


The toilet seat is an essential accessory for the toilet. After the toilet cover is installed, it can avoid falling into the toilet to cause clogging, and isolates odors and odors. The toilet lid should be installed separately. After we installed and fixed some accessories, the toilet lid can be opened and closed at will. So what are the toilet lid accessories?

1. What are the toilet seat accessories?

There are two types of toilet seat, ordinary and smart. Ordinary toilet seat accessories include screws, expansion screws, bolts, brackets, rubber, stainless steel chains, etc. Smart toilet cover accessories include: screws, expansion screws, bolts, base fixing plates, tees, filters, water inlet hoses, rubber, remote controls, etc. When choosing a toilet seat, pay attention to whether the outer packaging shows the date of the factory and whether it is clean and complete; then weigh whether it is heavy and not light; check whether the appearance of the product has burrs, cracks, odors, etc.

2. Where are the toilet seat accessories sold?

Toilet lid accessories are easy to lose. What needs to be replaced are the fixing bolts and fasteners. It is generally sold in sanitary ware stores, sanitary ware stores, hardware stores, building materials markets and other places. Xiamen Leifeng Hardware Spring Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing toilet repair parts for more than 20 years, and we can provide you with professional services.

3. How to install the toilet lid screw?

First measure the length, width, installation hole distance and other specifications of the toilet, and then purchase a suitable toilet cover. Then find the specific position of the nut, find the wrench to loosen, and then replace the newly purchased cover. It should be noted here that some screws are not easy to find, even in the interlayer. You can unscrew all the visible screws, if you still can't remove them, you need to double check if there are any unscrewed screws that are not visible.

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