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Application range of screws


Screw has a lot of call, and everyone call may be different, and someone is into screw, and someone is into screw, and someone is into standard part, and someone is into fastener. Although there are so many names, the meaning is the same, they are all screws. 

A screw is a generic term for a fastener. The principle of the screw is to use the physical and mathematical principles of the oblique circular rotation and friction of the object to gradually tighten the tool of the device.

Bolt, be indispensable when neutralizing in the middle of commercial production manufacture at daily life, so bolt is also referred to as the rice of industry. 

The operation strategies of screw has: electronic product, engineering goods, digital product, power equipment, dynamo-electric engineering goods. Ships and ships, vehicles, hydraulic engineering, even also use screws in chemical experiments.

There are many types of screws, whether it is a very small screw for glasses or a large screw for large heavy electrical engineering. 

The precision of the screw is usually 6g level (level 2, the American standard "IFI" is 2A teeth), and the rough screw used in construction projects is 1g level.

Screws are used in a wide range of applications, so the screw market is relatively large, resulting in more manufacturers producing screws. 

When choosing a professional screw manufacturer, buyers need to understand some professional basic knowledge of screws, such as screw classification standards and American screw specification tables.

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