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How to repair the leaking toilet tank


How to repair the leaking toilet tank

1. Confirm whether the shut-off valve is closed.

2. After the ball valve plunger is removed, one or two gaskets (or o-rings) can be seen. If any of these parts fail, water will flow out, and the toilet tank is constantly flowing, so check all the gaskets and replace them immediately if they are damaged.

3. When the ball valve is sealed, replace the whole body, close the water supply valve, turn off the water in the toilet, empty the water in the water tank, remove the floating arm from the old ball valve, and remove the water injection pipe from the overflow pipe.

4. Look for the coupling nut or sliding nut under the water tank, the water supply pipe enters the bottom of the water tank from here, please loosen the coupling nut, remove the water supply pipe, fix the nut with a wrench under the water tank, and use another wrench clip on the sliding nut Hold the base of the float valve.

5. Remove the lock nut under the water tank and the ball valve. If the nut is too large, please use penetrating lubricating oil to loosen it.
6. Take out the old installation in the fuel tank, remove the sealing gaskets of all the joints inside and outside the fuel tank for storage, the new valve parts may have new sealing gaskets, but please keep the old parts when installing new parts, so as not to damage the new parts .

7. Replace the coupling nut and water supply pipe, reinstall the floating arm, and insert the water injection pipe into the overflow pipe.

8. Re-flush water to the shut-off valve of the flushing toilet, and check whether all parts are soaked in water. Of course, it is necessary to check whether the float has rubbed against the rear wall of the fuel tank. If there are these phenomena, it can be adjusted appropriately.

In short, you first need to lift the tank cover, turn off the water source, flush all the water in the water tank, and then unscrew the buckle of the water supply valve by hand to remove the original water supply valve. Then, fix the new water tank accessories at the original position, and then rotate the buckle to the opening direction, and the new accessories can be fixed.

The above is the maintenance method of toilet water tank leakage. Xiamen Leifeng Hardware Spring Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of toilet water tank repair parts kits. Using our parts kits, you can solve the problem by yourself quickly, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money and time to contact maintenance workers for door-to-door service.

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