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Properties of Copper Material


Properties of Copper Material

1. High compressive strength
Copper is a profile of copper raw materials, which is characterized by copper. This type of copper has high strength and can maintain a stable structure during application, and is not easily affected by external influences on the structure.
2. Good patience
Due to the characteristics of copper, the copper profile has good toughness, and it is not easy to be deformed and damaged under the influence of external force during application. With this advantageous characteristic, this type of copper can perform very well in long-term application.
3. Good ductility and plasticity
Relying on good ductility and plasticity, when copper profiles are used, they can use this feature to resist the negative impact of external forces and avoid being affected by external forces. This type of copper can show stable and firm application effects.
4. Strong structure
With the characteristics of high compressive strength and good toughness, the overall structure of the copper profile must be very proper. Such a structure can be used stably and reliably, and it can always play its role normally.
5. Long service life
Because of its excellent characteristics and many advantages and functions, copper profiles can effectively avoid the negative effects of various external factors during application, so that copper profiles must have a long service life.
In addition, the main characteristics of copper compared with other metals are high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, suitable strength, easy processing and non-magnetic properties.

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